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Quick, easy-to-follow, full-body workouts.

The Youfit Express Circuit takes no more than 30 minutes to complete, includes both cardio and resistance training and is available anytime. To achieve maximum results in a hurry, just follow the green and red lights to time your activity and rest.

We also have Youfit Express Circuit classes throughout the week at all of our locations so you can workout with a group of people for extra motivation. There is no additional cost to attend these classes and they're all taught by Youfit Certified Personal Trainers

You don't have to create a road map to your workout or scratch your head and ask the daunting question of, "Well, what should I do next?"  The Express Circuit provides 20 numbered & timed stations that you can easily follow in order.  We use the universal tool of a traffic light to help guide you through your workout.  When the light is green you go and when the light is red you rest.  Simple, right?

Our Express circuit includes ten cardio stations and ten resistance exercise machines. These machines represent the basic exercises for each muscle group in your body. For example, each workout will include 3 different exercises for your lower-body, four for your upper-body, two for your arms, and one for your abdominal/core area.  At the end of your workout you will have achieved an effective total body workout that is proven to help improve your overall health and fitness.

This program is great for many different situations and purposes
but here are three of our favorites.


If you are new to working out this is a great place to start.  The exercises and format that the Express Circuit follows will help you build a strong foundation for you to learn and achieve results from day one.  According to the Tufts Medical Center, "If you have never exercised or are just getting started again, circuit training is a good way to increase your lean body mass."


If you are short on time this is the place for you.  Jump in and get going to maximize every spare minute that you have.  This total body workout with cardio will never take more than 30 minutes and should leave you with enough time on your lunch break to still refuel.


If you just aren't feeling that motivated today.  Sometimes we just don't feel up to par but know that we still need to workout.  The Express Circuit provides you with the opportunity to just get your workout in with minimal effort/focus.

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