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Exercise is important for good health at any age, and seniors are no exception. OurSilverSneakers® YouGX classes range from low impact to high intensity for a fun and social workout. Youfit encourages seniors to develop an active lifestyle that shatters stereotypes, and the SilverSneakers® community is a welcoming environment for all levelsof fitness.

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YouFit WelcomesSilversneaker Members

YouFit Welcomes Silversneaker Members

Why Take ASilverSneakers® Class?

  • 1The spirit and physical abilities of SilverSneakers® members prove age is nothing but a number.
  • 2Active aging allows you to realize your potential for physical, social and mental well-being.
  • 3SilverSneakers® classes help increase muscular strength, range of movement and stamina for daily living activities.
  • 4Active older adults can reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke to a similar level as active people younger in age.
  • 5Seniors in the best physical condition tend to have the best mental abilities.
  • 6Physical activity helps slow the decline in body function.