3 Foods to Set You Up for Success for 2020

With the new-year around the corner, you’re probably already thinking about some healthy resolutions. If not, don’t worry because we’ve a not-so-secret stash of ideas to keep you covered! The biggest thing you want to focus on for healthy eating and planning is quick foods and even repurposing some of those holiday leftovers so you can have an easier transition to a meal routine. Here are 3 healthy and quick foods you should start getting to know:

Canned salmon

Packed with tons of nutrients– like inflammation fighting omega 3s–this portable protein source is the leveled up version of canned tuna. You can dress it up with mayo and lemon juice, or curry powder + mustard, or even just some olive oil, tomatoes, and olives for a quick meal to pair on salads, crackers, or a sandwich. It’s a no-excuse meal prep win.

Mixed leafy greens

In case you’ve partied a little too hard with holiday drinks and desserts (trust us- we’ve been there, too!), start adding more salads to your meals for an antioxidant and fiber boost. By swapping your sandwich bread or creamy spreads with crunchy greens, you’ll reduce your calorie intake and increase your veggie intake. Try arugula, kale, spinach, or dark romaine lettuce with a simple dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. Add your favorite toppings, but mindful of the creamy and dairy-rich ones.

Chia seeds

Tired of the overnight oats for a healthy make-ahead breakfast? Us too! Give homemade chia pudding a whirl instead. Use 1/3 cup chia seeds to ½ cup of milk of choice and top with seasonal fruit and nuts for a meal full of healthy fats and fiber that will keep you feeling more full than a bowl of oats.

The all-star trio of nutrient dense salmon, cancer-fighting leafy greens, and surprisingly filling (but easy) chia seed pudding, are the top 3 foods to have in your healthy resolution arsenal. These foods are not only quick and easy but very versatile. Check back on some of our previous recipes articles from this year for more ideas on how to use these ingredients. Happy and healthy new year to you!

Lindsey Gass

Lindsey Gass, RD, LD/N is a registered dietitian in Miami, FL. With a bachelor’s degree from Florida International University, Lindsey has years of experience in clinical, sports, long term care, and community nutrition. Lindsey currently works in critical care at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where she provides nutrition support and participates in trauma research. Outside of her career, Lindsey is an avid runner and Nike run club pacer working towards qualifying for a Boston marathon. Follow Lindsey on Instagram at @lin.health for nutrition tips and tricks. Learn more about Youfit’s Registered Dietician