3 Things to Keep In Mind When Setting a Fitness Goal

It’s happened to all of us. Friday comes around and we’ve had a long week. We’re mentally drained and feeling entitled to a little bit of ‘treat yo self.’ A few beers. A slice (okay two slices) of cake. Burger and fries. You know the deal. And then Netflix and repeat the next day. Ehh, the diet starts on Monday, right?

Wrong. When Monday comes around, we might have one salad or do one relatively healthy thing that day. We might do it again on Tuesday. Then that work meeting you’ve been dreading goes off the rails and all bets are off again. It’s ‘treat yo self’ all over again, skip the gym, rinse and repeat and “it’ll be my New Year’s Resolution in 2020.”

Not this time, friends! We’re going to get you started on setting — and keeping — your fitness goals now. Today.

  • Be Realistic. All of the things that knock you off track on a day-by-day basis are things you need to forgive yourself for. Right now. You’re a human, not a machine. You’re going to want cake. Some days, the last place you’ll want to go is the gym. It happens! So forgive yourself in advance and plan accordingly. Set goals you can hit in the next few weeks — not goals you’re trying to hit two years from now. Instead of eating healthy every day, how about four days a week? And instead of hitting the gym every day, how about three workouts of 30 minutes a piece? Now those are goals we can hit.
  • Get Help. If you’ve never been to a gym or haven’t been in a long time, consider that getting the help of a YouCoach, or at least the support of your peers in YouGX group classes might be a good idea to motivate you and keep you accountable. And teach you a few things! No one knows it all when they first walk into the gym. Getting some help is not only encouraged — it’s a smart way to make sure you follow through.
  • Celebrate the Small Wins. If you want to lose 10 pounds, that’s great. But here’s something you already know — it’s not going to happen tomorrow. If you’re 200 pounds today, you won’t be 190 in the morning. That’s obvious. And yet, we beat ourselves up for not hitting our goals right out of the gate. Don’t do that! Instead, celebrate every step on the path. Notice the small changes. Cheer for yourself when you drop a pound. It’s a process, and health is a journey that never ends. You’ll have a lot of milestones to celebrate along the way — and you deserve to enjoy them.

You can do this! And just to be sure that you do, click here to get a FREE guest pass! Excuse? Blocked.