30 Days of Workout Videos

Here’s the thing – just by setting your mind on getting your workouts in gear for 2019, you’re taking a huge step forward toward actually getting it done. But it’s the ‘getting it done’ part that can get us stuck in the mud sometimes. “I’ve committed to getting back in shape, but…now what?” Well, you’ll be glad to know we’ve got the solution right here in this blog: It’s our 30 Days of Daily Workout Videos you can actually do & feel good about!


Reach Your Fitness Goals in 30 Days


Our hope is that a calendar does two things for you:
1. It helps you organize and plan your workouts.
2. It helps you get rid of your excuses.

How does it get rid of your excuses you ask? Well, we’ve literally provided THIRTY different daily workouts with targets to boot – choose from upper or lower body, core, full body, full body with cardio, (phew) and more! Plus, the calendar has a little bit of everything, including 9 straight days of full body workouts to start the month. And yes, you can do it!


Get Youfit 30 Days for all Fitness Levels


“But I’m starting from scratch, Youfit! I’m not sure I have what it takes to do certain kinds of exercises.” We’ve heard that refrain before, and it’s a reasonable, fair uncertainty. But the good news is that these light, fun workouts were designed for almost anyone to do, from beginners to enthusiasts. The exercises are designed to be scaled according to your abilities. And you can even watch videos at the link that will show you how to do each exercise.

And you can rest assured that these workouts were designed carefully, at the hands of our very own Raphael Konforti, who’s our Head of Fitness Education.


Click Here & Beat your excuses in 30 days


So say goodbye to your excuses as we start 2019. You can do this! To learn more about Youfit Health Clubs and find the nearest Youfit location, please visit youfit.com.