Introducing Fit 3D Body Scanner!

When you take the time to think of all the cool, high-tech fitness gadgets available in the market to make it easier to track your success, does a 3D device come to mind? We’re not trying to bend your brain here, but 3D imagery and printing has already impacted so many aspects of our daily lives to make things more convenient, from airport TSA screenings to creating custom medical prosthetics. It’s not a surprise that we now have cool devices like the Fit3D body scanner to make it easier to get the full scope of your wellness level in seconds!

With all the information that’s available at our fingertips, it’s still a wonder to many about where they fall on the wellness scale. The Fit 3D serves as a high-tech tool that helps you identify your wellness starting point, set achievable goals, and track your success over time. Unlike a chart or simple look in the mirror, a scan allows you to see yourself in a new way—and get useful data based on your body’s unique features and needs. The data the Fit3D collects includes: your height, weight, balance, shoulder tilt, neck and calf circumference, and more! The body scanner then uses a complex algorithm to determine your body fat percentage and various measurements to give you a bigger picture of how your body works.

3d body scanner


How does it work? Take a step on the platform so the Fit3D can accurately capture your composition. The machine then sends all the data to your email address or directly to your mobile device for easy access and privacy. That’s all there is to it!


The Fit3D reduces the risk of human error involved with measurements and visual feedback, so using the device renders a better report in a fraction of the time. The great news is that Youfit now has the Fit3D body scanner available at select locations for standard and Lime Card members. When you stop by the gym and try it out, our friendly YouCoach staff can base your fitness and nutritional plans on the data to get you started on the right path. Talk about a bonus!

Feel free to ask your YouCoach any and all questions you have about health and fitness! Our knowledgeable, certified personal trainers are ready with answers, and we’re all rooting for you as you take the next step to a happier, healthier lifestyle! Haven’t signed up for a Youfit membership yet? Stop in to visit us and pick up a FREE one day pass to your home location by clicking here: We can’t wait to get started and we hope you’re just as excited to become a happier, healthier YOU. You could even pick up your first month of a Youfit membership with the button below.