4 Myths about YouGX Debunked

Do you suffer from “gymtimidation” (fear of going to the gym), or perhaps you opt to workout alone because group settings make you nervous? We get it, but we guarantee that group fitness classes are a fun way to make new gym buddies while pushing yourself with a little friendly competition.

Despite the many myths regarding group exercise classes, they are suitable for everyone. No matter your fitness level, instructors are trained to make the class comfortable with a great workout that everyone can enjoy. So, let’s debunk a few common misconceptions about group exercise classes so you can see why it’s an awesome way to switch up your workout routine:

Myth #1: “You have to go to a class with a friend.” 

Yes, working out is fun with a buddy. However, classes give you the opportunity to socialize, network, and of course make some new gym buddies by the time class is over. Who knows, you might even find yourself in a “gym squad” group chat sharing all sorts of workouts and recipes.

Myth #2: “You must be coordinated to take a fitness class.” 

Coordination is not a prerequisite to getting a good workout from a fitness class. If anything, our group fitness classes can help you improve your hand-eye-foot coordination for other fun activities, like cycling, dancing and boxing. . In a typical class, the instructor will act as your personal trainer as he or she shows you the exercise in detail, corrects your form and gives you workout tips as you go. No matter if you have two left feet or you’re the dancing queen, it’s all about getting a good sweat!

Myth #3:  “Only fit/healthy people attend classes!”  

On the contrary, many first-time gym goers use fitness classes to get started in their workout routine. Our group fitness classes emphasize the most basic and foundational exercises to make your body strong, so a beginner can benefit from the class just as much as someone with a more advanced fitness level. Proper nutrition, exercise and determination will all help to achieve even the loftiest of fitness goals. Plus, Youfit is the place where YOU fit in and a group fitness class is no different. (Pro tip: a group exercise class burns 300 calories on average!) 

Myth #4:  “I have an injury and can’t join a class.”  

No problem! Our group fitness instructors know that injuries are inevitable, so they are trained to offer a modified version of every movement they teach in class. This way, you can still get the most of your class workout without further injuring yourself. Start slow and steady to get the movement, and if it’s uncomfortable, feel free to ask your instructor for an alternative exercise and they will accommodate you.

So, are you ready to jump in a class now?  Check out our online class schedule at youfit.com/yougx-schedules and try a class at our participating Youfit locations.