5 Cool Alarm Clocks To Start Your Workout

If you’re the kind of person who is known to hit snooze more often than not, or someone who sets multiple alarms at night in fear that one just won’t cut it, then it might be time to get creative with the ways you wake up. Long gone are the days of relying on a standard alarm clock. Your cell phone’s basic alarm might not be enough to get you going either. We get it. Take a look at our top picks of cool alarm clocks that will get you excited to jump up and start your day (or make you too annoyed to fall back asleep).

Wake up for Youfit with the carpet alarm

#1: Hit the Floor

Sometimes all it takes is standing up in the mornings to get you going. With the Carpet Alarm Clock, the only way to deactivate your alarm is by crawling out of bed and standing on top of a carpeted bedside mat. There is also an LED light that displays the time for your convenience.

Wake up for Youfit with the Dumbbell Alarm Clock!

#2: Ringing Dumbbells

We love the Shape Up Dumbbell Alarm Clock because it incorporates dumbbell reps into your morning routine. You’ll be exercising before you’re even awake enough to realize it. Plus, doing these short reps in the mornings can get you pumped to hit Youfit later on in the day!

Wake up for Youfit in Silence!

#3: Be Silent

No one likes being awakened by the blaring noises from their alarm clocks. So why not invest in an alarm clock that wakes you up with virtually no noise at all? The Silence alarm clock is a ring you put on your finger that gently vibrates to bring you into wakefulness. What’s even better (or maybe worse) is that a simple shake of the hand will let you snooze. As soon as this concept is developed into a product on the market, you can be sure we will not snooze on making this purchase.

Wake up for Youfit with the Wake Alarm Clock App!

#4: Wake Up

The Wake Alarm Clock app is a simple and intuitive way to wake up in the mornings. You can flip your phone to shut the alarm off, shake it to wake up or slap it to snooze. If you want the extra challenge, you can increase the difficulty of shutting off the alarm in your settings.

Wake up for Youfit intuitively!

#5: Cycle Through

Being awakened in the middle of a deep sleep is the absolute worst. The Sleep Cycle Alarm eliminates that issue. This alarm goes above and beyond a traditional alarm to actually track and analyze your sleep patterns. With this information, the tracker determines when you are in your lightest sleep and wakes you up during that time.

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Any of these cool alarm clocks has the power to improve your life for the better. When you wake up the way you want, you can improve your mornings and have more energy to make your way to Youfit later in the day. Waking up earlier, on top of a solid workout, will have you feeling invincible and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.