5 Effective Foam Rolling Exercises

National Foam Rolling Day is just around the corner! This will be celebrated on Friday, May 11th. With intense physical activity, comes a need for the body to recover. After a workout, a waste buildup occurs throughout your body. This makes soft tissue massages, like foam rolling, important for bringing circulation to your muscles and helping them recover and grow.

If you would like to take advantage of foam rolling to increase your performance, take a look at the 5 different exercises below that YOU can utilize starting now.

THORACIC SPINE (upper back)


Lie down on your back and place the foam roller underneath your upper back. Cross your arms, shift your weight to one side, and roll slowly starting from your upper back your mid back. Alternate sides.



Start on all fours and bring the foam roller under both quads. Hold your body up with your arms and slowly roll starting from the hips, all the way down to just before the knees. Do one leg at a time for a deeper massage.

ILIOTIBIAL BAND (outer thighs)


Place the foam roller on the ground and lay on it sideways so the roller is perpendicular to your outer thigh. Hold yourself up with your arms or elbows and keep your hips elevated. Start right below your hip and roll slowly until just before the top of your knee. Alternate sides.



Sitting on the floor, put the foam roller underneath your spine and bend your right leg so your right ankle is over your left knee. Roll slowly back and forth between the middle of your glute. Alternate sides.



Sitting on the floor with your legs out, place the foam roller under your right calf and bend your left leg so it lies on top of your right. Lift your weight off the ground with your arms and roll slowly from the top of your calf to the top of your ankle. Alternate sides

Foam rolling is a great way to relieve tight muscles and help them grow. For more guidance on foam rolling, get in touch with your YouCoach to start the conversation today!