5 Fitness Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

People always ask us how they can stay motivated. First, let’s clear one thing up. Staying motivated is a daily choice. But we do have some things that work for us. One of our favorite secrets? Instagram.

Thanks to these beautifully compiled fitness Instagram accounts, jump-starting our day or overcoming those midday slumps is just as easy as refreshing our Instagram feed. Whether you’re unsure of what to cook for dinner or are trying to justify skipping the gym, take a scroll and feel your motivation carry you through the day (and to the gym!).


This account is your one-stop shop for healthy meals. Creative and wallet-friendly, these easy-to-make recipes will have you in awe of your newfound culinary expertise. If you’re not into cooking, you’ll still find yourself scrolling aimlessly through Kevin’s feed of beautifully colorful “food porn,” picking up tips from his favorite local restaurants along the way.

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Adam Rosante’s account is perfect for when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up. His feed is famous for its quick, do-able workout videos, on-point inspiration quotes and nutritious recipes. His infectious positivity radiates from his account. You can’t help smiling with him whenever you catch one of his posts.


There are so many fad diets floating around that it becomes difficult to discover one that actually works for you. Joe Wicks, the man behind @thebodycoach, claims to have solved this issue with his 90 Day Fat Loss Plan … and we believe him. If you look at his account, the body transformations featured on his page are nothing short of amazing. It is no wonder his diet-followers had so much success, because the High Intensity Interval Training videos (HIIT, for short) look as if they can kick anyone into shape. Although we cannot attest to his diet plan, we can undoubtedly say that it interests us enough to make us follow him!

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The @greatist account reminds us that being healthy doesn’t have to suck. And their beautiful images inspire us to lead the healthy and happy lifestyle they advocate for. If you’re growing bored of food images and workout videos, you will be pleasantly surprised by @greatist’s posts of nature, art and awesome skylines.


IDEA is the internet’s largest organization for fitness professionals, so it’s no wonder their Instagram feed is in tip-top shape, just like them. Their healthy tips and facts are no-nonsense and will give you instant motivation wherever you are — and that’s not even the best part. The wide array of contests featured on this account is what keeps us coming back! Whether it be for a new pair of sneakers or a nutrition diagnosis with a professional, we can’t help trying our hand with Lady Luck when these prizes are involved.