60 Day Challenge Recap

Nothing worth having comes easy and that rings true when it comes to transforming your body! If you participated, the “60 Days to a Better You” challenge might have been physically and mentally challenging, and whether or not you won, it was probably also one of your most rewarding experiences. Nothing beats being able to look in the mirror and feel proud of the person you’ve become in the last 60 days. Not only do you now have a healthier body, but you also have a healthier mind! You understand that in order to get results you never achieved before, you had to be willing to push your body to limits you had never pushed it before! And for that, we command your hard work, your dedication, and your persistence.

60 Day Challenge Winners

The 60 Day Challenge produced six national winners, a first, second and third place for both male and females. Each Youfit location also had a first place winner. All winners were determined by the biggest weight loss percentage.

All participants are winners in their own regard. Whether someone lost five pounds or forty pounds, that is something to celebrate! For those who did rank in the top three, there were monetary prizes. First place won $3,500, second place $1,000, and third place $500. All individual club winners received a one year membership and five personal training sessions.

As the new year approaches, stay tuned to find out when we will be hosting our next challenge!