A Simple Weight Loss Tip

Trying to lose weight can sometimes be a long process that requires motivation and dedication. Breaking up big goals into more workable goals helps make the process easier. For example, if your goal is to lose 80 pounds, breaking it down to weekly weight loss goals will help make your long term goal more attainable. Setting realistic and well-planned goals will keep you focused and motivated as you transition into a healthier lifestyle. 

My Fitness Pal is a great way to lose weight by keeping track of your daily food intake. With the My Fitness Pal App you can easily track your calories and keep a food journal that lets you log meals consumed at a restaurant or at home. Tracking your food and fitness will help you see your progress and push you to set new goals.

  • Raghu

    Nice tips. I will try this tips. Thank you so much.

  • Susan Ridley

    I just today, got the courage to walk into the You fit building. The young man was very nice. Although I could quite hear him all to well, I’m hearing impaired. The background sounds were a bit louder than his words. Needless to say I signed up on the lime green program. I was very intimidated but I’m doing this actually for my grandson. He’s almost 15 and is as intimidated as I am. But I need to build his self esteem and I think this will help him come out of his shell. So we are going to compete together and show him his 56 year old grandma is still in the groove. We begin on Thursday the 9th of June. Please wish us luck.

    • mary

      You won’t need any luck…you got this 😉 I know because I am at the age range as you and my daughter is in the same age range as your grandson, and we run weight lift and more Everything is possible if you put your mind to it. :)

    • youfithealthclubs

      Have a great first day exercising at Youfit! :)