Actually Stick with your Resolutions

You, our members, are always looking for new year’s resolutions as we ring in the new year. It’s one of the favorite topics of conversation around all of our locations at this time of year. Some of us are realistic about our New Year’s Resolutions, acknowledging perhaps that despite our best intentions, a fresh calendar year doesn’t always do the trick to achieve them.

And others do face the start of a new year with fresh optimism that, invariably, turns out to be justified. All kinds of people pick off new goals at the start of every new year, and then off they go, achieving greatness. (If this is you, please comment below and tell us your secrets, you wizard!)

So even though we really want to achieve our goals, why do so many of us fall short? Well, this article from our COO, J.J. Creegan, New Years Plans explains the realistic nature of resolutions. Which leads us to the positive side of this dialogue, and that is how to form and stick with your New Year’s Resolutions. Here are four quick tips.

1. Be Specific.

“I will do 30 minutes of cardio twice a week and 30 minutes of weight training twice a week starting January 5th” is a clearer, more tangible goal than “I’m gonna lose 10 pounds.” Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.

2. Build a Schedule.

Don’t leave it to chance. Life tends to get in the way, and there’s always something else you could be doing besides exercise. So if you know you can’t wake up early to do it, but that you can sacrifice 30 minutes after work each day, boom – lock it in.

3. Write it Down.

Did you know that actually writing down your goals is one of the most powerful steps many people miss? Write them down monthly, weekly, heck.. Even daily. You’ll be surprised how effective it is!

4. Get Help.

A YouCoach can help keep you honest and at a challenging pace. A YouGX class twice per week is a great way to challenge yourself in a group setting. Ask someone to be your workout buddy. Any – or all – of these approaches can help keep you on track. Accountability partners are CRUCIAL.

Are you ready to leave your excuses in 2018? Awesome. Let’s make those resolutions once again. But this time, let’s stick to them – together! To learn more about Youfit Health Clubs and find the nearest Youfit location, please visit