Alan Nathanson Member Story

At Youfit, we always emphasize the importance of being the best you there is. Not the fittest, or skinniest or the muscle-iest. Nope. Just the best version of you. And the reasons are myriad. Sometimes, our members want to improve cardiovascular health to keep up with the grandkids, or improve strength training to compete in a Tough Mudder.

Sometimes, our members are fighting for something greater. Today’s post is about one such member, Alan Nathanson.

“I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer eight years ago, when I was 61,” says Alan. “A mere 20 percent [of sufferers] live one year after diagnosis and only 5 percent survive this cancer for five years […]. I’d always been physically active, eaten healthy and in overall excellent health, but cancer doesn’t care. Fighting the disease required chemo treatments over six months that took 40 pounds off my 165 pound frame. Eight hours of Whipple Surgery weakened me beyond anything imaginable, but the results of my chemo treatments and surgery were positive and I slowly, gradually began my way back.”

“Week after week, month after month, [I started] gaining weight and strength. Before my treatments began, 30 push-ups were routine. It took eight months before I could do one push-up! I joined Youfit a bit over a year ago. The machines and free weights are exactly what I need to strengthen, rebuild and maintain. One hour Monday, Wednesday, and Friday gym workouts and 75 minute vigorous bike rides the other four days help me feel great. As does the miracle of my still being around beyond five years!”

“These days I derive tremendous fulfillment working with families dealing with the overwhelming news of a cancer diagnosis. Having been down that road, I know what they’re dealing with and can answer their questions, address their anxieties and give them hope by inspiring them with my results. I’m so grateful to be one of the miracles they can aspire to be, so blessed I literally feel like I want to hug everyone I see! What a way to go through life! We’re on this earth for a short while and there isn’t a second to waste being anything but joyful. Thanks, Youfit for being part of my recovery!”

Truth be told, it’s us who are thankful for ever having met Alan. To be like Alan and create your own story, start with a free guest pass by clicking here: