Are You Ready to Start Your Countdown to Change?

Are you ready to make a healthy change to your lifestyle? Are you ready to meet a slimmer, healthier you? Exclusively for Youfit members, the Countdown to Change is a 60-day program designed to help you look better, feel better and live better.

The Countdown to Change is a YouCoach led program designed to help you lose weight the healthy way. During check-in’s a YouCoach will track your heart rate to ensure you are making real lifestyle changes vs relying on a fad diet or excessive unhealthy training that isn’t sustainable. Participants will receive guidance and support in their fitness journey to achieve better heart health and general wellness.

Prizes valued at over $200,000 are up for grabs!  Winners will be chosen based on the total % of body fat lost, as well as other check in information. The first place male and female winners will receive $5,000, second place $3,000, and third place $1,000 cash. Club-level winners will receive a free Lime Card Membership plus one free YouCoach session per month for a year.

Countdown to Change participants will also be assigned to a YouCoach led team, providing ongoing support, motivation and accountability. Each YouCoach will host optional Bootcamp classes twice a week for the duration of the challenge. The team that loses the most body fat percentage in each club will win a prize. In addition to the Bootcamp classes, Countdown to Change participants will receive weekly emails that will include exclusive content such as healthy recipes, workout plans and tips.

Sign up in-club to register. It is $30 to participate, or $25 each if you sign up in pairs. Hurry, check-ins are September 19th- 24th.


  • Mary Bauman

    Is this challenge available at all YouFit gyms?

    • youfithealthclubs

      Not all clubs will be participating, but the majority will! Please check with your local club for further details.

  • Brooke Larimer

    I signed up last night! can’t wait to start

  • Amber Lawrence

    I signed up yesterday! The guys at my gym got me convinced and I am ready to rock ‘n’ roll! :) :) :)

  • lionel heredia

    I’m in! Altamonte springs location!

  • lionel heredia

    I’m in! Altamonte location!

  • Brandi Nicole Josey

    I signed up for this at my local gym. Good luck to everyone!

  • Reggie Lowery Jr

    If my club is participating maybe I will give it a try.

  • alyssa

    Do you need to be a member of the gym to participate?

  • Richard Rodriguez

    When are the times available

  • Richard Rodriguez

    When does the time come out

  • Susan NLN

    My exercise plan is 3 days a week and meeting with a coach 2x a month. Will this be sufficient to meet this challenge?

  • Staci Clarke

    I won the challenge for my YouFit location last Fall.. It was life changing for me!! Huge motivation for me!! I CANNOT wait to start this next challenge! I Love YouFit for doing this challenge!! 💜💚💜

  • Autumn W

    What kind of workouts will this be? will we be allowed at our own pace?

  • Lisa Hayes

    Is there anyone on here signing up from the Greenacres, FL location?

  • Ricardo Molina Fortin

    Excelente buena motivación , espero que esto me ayude ,