Arthur Mann Spreads Men’s Health Message

Men are often faced with health issues that aren’t discussed in popular media, leaving some in the dark about the risk of a fatal illness.

In light of this, this November, you are encouraged to get informed on men’s health issues and the importance of staying physically active as a preventive measure. This isn’t just for men, either. When everyone is informed about the looming threats of these under-the-radar illnesses, we can spread the word to our fathers, sons, brothers and friends and even save a life in the process.

Men’s health issues can strike when least expected. That was the case with Youfit member, Arthur Mann. Arthur had been seeing the same doctor for 26 years, and only discovered that he had prostate cancer after visiting a new physician.

After falling victim to a cancer that affects 200,000 people per year, Arthur is determined to spread his message and awareness to overlooked men’s health issues.

Read the interview below and feel free to share his story with friends and family!

Tell us a bit about your journey as you dealt with health issues.

I’d been going to see my doctor every year for the past 26 years for a physical. This past year, I changed doctors. Once my new doctor looked over my records, he called me into the office for an appointment. He ordered another complete physical. In my blood work he verified that my Prostate Specific Anitgen, or PSA, was abnormal. So he recommended a specialist.

By the time I saw the specialist, my PSA had increased. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on February 12th, 2016. The cancer was very aggressive so suggested that I start treatment right away. I opted to to have Robotic Surgery and took all of the necessary steps and tests that were needed to prepare me for surgery.

Within a matter of weeks I was prepared and ready for surgery.  My surgery took approximately an hour and 30 minutes; all went well and I was on the road to recovery.

How has your recovery impacted your life? Did it change your outlook, how you take care of yourself, your family, etc.?

I considered myself to be a very healthy man. I was eating right, taking care of myself, exercising on a regular basis and also practicing my spiritual faith. I’ve learned not to take things for granted.  Once I began to go through the healing process, I noticed those things that I had taken for granted.

The struggles were there, but with the assistance of my wife and her support; I was strengthened… I worried no more. What I went through has really impacted my life as far as being given a second chance to do more with my life and the ability to help save the lives of others; indirectly and directly.

How has Youfit been a partner for you before/during/after your experience?

I made a promise to myself that I would go out and be an activist for those who have lost hope or are not aware of PSA testing/prostate cancer.  I vowed to start telling everyone that I came in contact with about how important it is to have their PSA checked. I have talked to over 100 or so people family and friends

I have been going to different gyms since I was 30 years old. But I find that Youfit has the best accommodations for me. The layout of different equipment from light workouts to heavy lifting is very therapeutically oriented.  It allows me to do what I need to do to take care of my body.

My body was strong enough to handle the surgery and recovery. And I owe a lot of that to my working out regimen at Youfit. I was able to go back to the gym and pick up where I left off as though nothing had happened and started all over but at a slow pace.

If you could pass along any pearls of wisdom from your experience, what is one piece of advice you’d like all the men of Youfit and their loved ones to have?

Men, it’s not the end of the world, there’s so much technology out there right now. With the various conversations with others and speaking with my doctors, I was able to educate myself and know that I could beat Cancer- and I did.  The support of friends and family is a plus and most of all; my wife.  Without hope and strength to do all things possible, one would feel like giving up.  Thank God I pulled through and so can you. Be open-minded to talk to others about what you’re going through.

Gather all your loved ones and just tell them to stay fit and healthy because life is filled with ups and downs. So you need to be prepared for the unexpected; at least keep your body in shape so that your body can handle what’s coming before you. Cancer was something very shocking to me.

I did my interview with Channel 10 news at YouFit because I felt as though it played a major role in my life and in my surviving my surgery and fighting cancer.

Thanks to Dr. Epstein, Dr. Kahn and Youfit; I am a Cancer Survivor.