August Workout of the Month

This post is brought to you by Raphael Konforti, the Fitness Education Coordinator for Youfit.

Take the gold with this Team USA Basketball inspired workout! Train the whole body for strength and cardio while honing your off the court skills. All you need for this workout is a sports ball or a weighted medicine for an added level of challenge. If you are unsure how to perform any of these moves, check out our guide below!

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Movement Prep

Arm Circles


Hold your arms straight out to your sides and move them in a circle motion.

Butt Kicks


Alternate bending your knees and kicking up your foot so it comes close to touching your glute.

High Knees


Alternate kicking up and bending your knees as high as you can get them.


Deadlift to Overhead Press


Start with your feet shoulder width apart, toes facing outward. Bend your knees and extend your arms downward so the ball touches the ground. Once the ball touches the ground, hoist yourself into a standing position and extend your arms upward so the ball is directly above your head. Bring the ball back to the center of your chest and repeat.

Lateral Shuffles


Start in a squat position with your arms extended downwards so the ball touches the floor. Stand up and shuffle sideways a few times and then resume the squat position. Stand back up and repeat going in the other direction.

Forward and Back Runs


Start in a kneeling position with the ball stretched out in front of you with extended arms. Run forward a few steps and then get back into kneeling position. Run backwards until you end up in your original spot. Repeat.

Passes or Supine Throws


Lie flat with your back on the ground and your arms bent so the ball rests on the center of your chest. Throw the ball up above your chest and catch it as it comes down. Repeat.

Standing Woodchops


Start in a twist with your feet a little wider than hip distance apart and the ball above your right shoulder. “Chop” the ball diagonally across your body so it touches the floor below your left knee, focusing on the rotation in your torso. This completes one rep on one side.

Overhead Situps


Start lying on the floor with your arms extended holding the ball out in front of you. Perform a sit up while keeping your arms extended. Repeat.

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Raphael Konforti is the Fitness Education Coordinator for Youfit.  He has a Masters of Exercise Science and has worked in many different areas of fitness including collegiate recreation, international resorts and fitness publishing.  Aside from the gym, he loves spending his time active and outdoors going surfing, diving, hiking, practicing yoga or pushing cars down the street.