Back to School Workout Tips for Parents

Back to school brings the inevitable: school lunches, car lines, and after school activities. It is this time of year where you usually find life gets a little busier, which can sometimes lead to your health taking a back seat.

The good news is, your fitness doesn’t have to suffer just because you are in back to school mode. There are plenty of ways to incorporate fitness into your week that allow you to make sure you are hitting your personal goals, while simultaneously making sure the kids get to school on time!

Here are some tips on how busy parents can stay in shape during the back to school rush:

Quick workouts

Getting a good workout in doesn’t have to mean spending two hours in the gym every day. It’s all about using your time wisely. There are plenty of workouts like high-intensity interval training and supersets that, although challenging, can cut your workout time in half.

By taking advantage of quick, yet powerful workouts, you will enjoy an increased endurance and sustained calorie burn long after your workout has ended. Ask your YouCoach for more information on how to properly and safely incorporate this type of workout into your training.

Fit in exercise when you can

You’ve probably heard the saying “Life’s a workout” and it couldn’t be more true in this scenario. Back to school offers plenty of different ways to stay active during the day. Walking your kids to school, for example, is a great way to get moving early in the day. You can even incorporate walking lunges on your way back home to amplify the workout.

When your kids return home, make it a point to play with them outside instead of letting them stay inside to play video games, which leads to the next tip.

Include your kids

Find a physical activity that you and your kids can do together. Set up obstacle courses. Run family relay races. Visit a park. Practice sports. Play “Simon Says.” Have a dance party. The important thing is to be active together as a family, ideally outdoors, far from the temptation of screens.  


Take advantage of child care

Youfit members can stay fit while also fulfilling their parental obligations.

Many Youfit locations have child care rooms that are filled with fun games and activities. Your kid will be happy and busy while you get your workout in. Once your child sees the child care room, they will be the ones dragging you to the gym. How’s that for accountability?

With a little creativity, you can stay happy and healthy as the kids head back to school.