Best Friend’s Day

Stop the presses! If you didn’t know it yet, June 8th is National Best Friend’s Day. It’s a 24-hour window to celebrate your BFF, your biffle, or your bestie. Or maybe your “bro.” Call it a “friend-a-bration.”.

You get the point.

A best friend is an adopted family member that you both hand-picked for yourselves. A keeper of secrets. A partner in crime. A sounding board for ideas, and a shoulder to cry on after episodes of This Is Us. And yes, that workout/accountability partner that tells you to ditch the donuts to stay focused on your goals (okay, so maybe not ditch donuts entirely, but only have one this time. Two? Okay fine, just two).

You might communicate with your best friend on a daily basis, whether through text message or phone, or by tagging each other in memes on Instagram. Maybe all three. Or maybe your M.O. is a weekly coffee catch-up at the local café to talk about work, life and whatever else binds you both.

But today is the chance to ditch the routine.

In fact, National Best Friend’s Day demands that you ditch the regular friendship routine – at least until tomorrow. Because this isn’t some semi-stranger that you shared a class with in high school. Not just a passerby that you held the door for. We’re talking about your best friend, and a best friend deserves a gesture that says as much.

If you planned ahead for this annual jubilee of friendship, cheers to you. If you didn’t, well, there’s still hope. Sure, you know this by now, but Youfit is all about celebrating you, and helping you be the best version of you. And a big part of helping you do that includes your loved ones too!

If you’re already a Youfit member, you can surprise your best friend with a jumpstart to the normal routine with a FREE one day pass to your home location by clicking here: Maybe your friend has talked about getting to the gym for a while now, but keeps putting it off. Or maybe the two of you have considered teaming up to achieve your goals together. A FREE one day pass is a great way to jump start your efforts.

And if you’re really feeling generous, you could even pick up their first month of a membership: Or the two of you could go halfsies on a personal training package to fast-track you to the achievement of your fitness goals

We think that National Best Friends Day is the best day to start or continue the journey to a healthier you. Whether you’re looking to start better habits, or just sweat out the stresses of the work week, we know that you and your best friend will both be glad you started here. What better time than National Best Friends day to start or continue your journey towards a healthier life?!

What better time than National Best Friend’s Day to start or continue your journey towards a healthier life?!