Best Sneakers For Your Fitness Goals

What you wear on your feet when you work out can have a direct impact on results. Training with the wrong shoe can lead to an ineffective workout and possibly even an injury. Before making the decision to purchase a new pair of gym sneakers, it  is important that you make the proper purchase that lines up with your fitness goals, allowing you to reach your full potential as an athlete.


Spinning shoes:

If your go-to at the gym is a cycle machine, then it would probably be wise to invest in a pair of sneakers that provide you with the proper support. The ideal pair of spinning shoes promotes efficient usage of your quadriceps and hamstrings while properly utilizing the calves and shin muscle. The Shimano’s cycling shoes are a great pick for spinning because they are known to drastically reduce the amount of time spent in a “dead spot” of a pedal stroke, which increases the overall efficiency of the exercise. The pair are also exceptionally comfortable and naturally maintain the natural curvature of your foot while providing optimal support.



Proper walking shoes share similar qualities with those of the running shoe, except they are usually more casual in appearance and feature cushioning at the sole of the foot only. The C9 Champion Athletic Shoes are the perfect shoe for stepping because not only are they flexible and lightweight, but they are cushioned in all the right places. The aerodynamics of the construction also makes these sneaks ideal for all-day activities.


Running, with extra padding:

Love the treadmill, but hate the impact on your knees? If you are looking to lessen the stress on your joints, it is crucial to find a shoe that has above average support. We love the Brook’s Transcend Running Shoe because it has extra padding that allows for your knees, hips, and joints to move in a natural line. The shoes also sport a curved heel that allows for a more comfortable pace and stride.

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Advanced runners who want speed:

If you have a need for speed, then you need a shoe that is lightweight, durable, and supportive. The extremely light and resilient Hitogami Running Shoe from Mizuno will truly unlock your potential as a runner as it gives you the tools you need to take longer strides naturally. The Wave Technology incorporated into the shoe allows it to mold to your foot and allow for a less distracted, more focused running experience.

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Group Fitness:

For group exercise classes, we recommend sneakers built for cross-training with a breathable upper sole and a firm midsole. We love wearing the Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes from Adidas during our YouGX classes because of their arch support and grippy outside. The shoe is so comfortable and light that every step feels more energized than the last.

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Cross training:

The best cross-training shoes are those that allow for lateral movements, weightlifting and running. The Mesh Cross-Training Shoe from New Balance are perfect for those miscellaneous workout routines because they have forefoot flex grooves that let your feet move freely and comfortably wherever they go. There is also a heel pillow insert which makes training in them feel like walking on clouds.



Strength, breathability, and comfort are all vital to a high performing weightlifting shoes. When it comes the choosing the right pair, you can’t go wrong with the shoes that were specifically designed for professional weightlifters in the 2008 Bejing Olympic Games: the Nike Romaleos 2.0. These shoes have an unsurmountable strength you can count on and a quality of breathability your feet will thank you for.