How To Exercise During The Big Game

Football’s Big Game is right around the corner, and it’s guaranteed to be a great game! Whether you’re rooting for Peyton Manning to retire with a final ring or you’re a fan of Cam Newton’s impressive quarterback skills and slick dance moves, chances are you’ll find your heart rate racing at some point throughout the game.

If you’ve ever caught yourself saying “That was a nail-biter!” or found yourself yelling at the TV when watching a game, then you know how stressful sporting events can sometimes be. If we get stressed simply as spectators, imagine the stress the players are feeling! The good news is that stress can actually be good for you. Stress can drive you to complete certain tasks by giving you a burst of energy or can also work as a vital warning system, allowing you to respond with fight-or-flight. In other words, players can leverage this stress to help them make the quick decisions and make the fast moves that are needed to score that winning touchdown. So don’t worry, your favorite players know how to leverage this stress in their favor!

On Sunday the 7th, instead of staying put on the couch feasting on chips and beer, let’s join the players in some physical activity with our own game. Exercise during the Big Game with our “When This … Do This” activity. It’s not only a great workout but will also help to relieve the stress building up throughout the game’s four quarters. After all, all those bursts of energy need an outlet. This way, regardless of whether your team wins or loses, you can still feel good about YOU!


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