Bryan Cicerchi’s Transition From the Air Force to Team Youfit

Bryan Cicerchi is a staff member at Youfit Sunrise and also bravely served in the U.S. Air Force. After serving in the Armed Forces, Bryan was able to find a home with Youfit. Keep reading to learn more of his story!

“I was fortunate to serve my country for the United States Air Force. It instilled a lot of core values and gave me purpose. A sense of duty, a part of something bigger than myself in a society that needs unity now more than ever. It was hard work, and a lot of sleepless security details, but I’ll never forget what the Air Force taught me. In four enlisted years, I was able to travel to 22 different countries, provide Presidential security, and even preventing a few suicide vests from entering an Afghan compound.

My first duty station took me to Italy, where I mostly did law enforcement duties as well as guarding Nuclear weapons. In those moments of standing 16 hour shifts with 70 pounds of equipment and two weapons strapped to your back, you regret signing on the dotted line for a brief moment. But it suddenly goes away when you hear an F- 16 Fighter jet fly over your head, or you save someone that’s in trouble. I served two years in Europe and deployed to Qatar, Afghanistan, and Africa where I really saw how the world viewed us. We truly live in the greatest country in the world.

The last portion of my enlistment I spent time in good ole’ Cheyenne Wyoming. They say duty stations come around full circle so I guess because I was fortunate to get Italy the first go- around, it was only fitting to get Wyoming as the ladder. Always looking at life optimistically, I chose to try out for a Tactical Response Force member position. From there I got to do Special Weapons and Tactics training as well as fly in helicopters that provide aerial security for convoy movements. Serving my country was a jam packed and stressful experience, but I will forever be grateful for what it taught me and I will always do my best to spread it to others everyday.

Receiving a position with Youfit could not have come at a better time. I was dealing with a transition from the military to civilian world, and it’s honestly been a hidden blessing. Being in a military environment shuts certain emotions off for individuals because that’s how we get through the day-to-day missions. Youfit has filled the gap. Coming into work for a company like Youfit allows me to create amazing relationships with clients and recreates a  family atmosphere that I thought was only possible to have in the military.”

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