Celebrate Earth Day with Youfit

Over one billion people in more than 192 countries will take part in Earth Day, which falls on April 22 each year.. That’s a lot of people celebrating our dear mother! As Wendell Berry once said, “the earth is what we all have in common.” And the goal is simple – to raise awareness of the fact that we have one home, and as its dwellers, we’ve gotta wrap it in a hug and take care of it!

And what better time? Spring is upon us. It’s time for nature to blossom again, and everyone can contribute to a healthier environment with small steps. But when these small steps add up, they result in a big change. (And speaking of small steps adding up, we can also go green for our bodies).

Earth Day has always been a big deal at Youfit, and there is a reason why one of our core colors is green! Green is OUR color! Going green has to start somewhere, and a good boost of environmentally (and body)-friendly activities is a great start.

There are a number of ways you can contribute to healing the environment, like getting involved in beach cleaning events and enrolling in green campaigns in your community. The benefits are twofold – you can enjoy the satisfaction of having cleaned up your neighborhood, and you can pack in thousands of steps too! Leading by example is the best way to spread the going green philosophy. Whatever you do, the important thing is to do it.

And if you’re really feeling spunky, change some of your bigger behaviors. For example, riding your bike is a great mode of transportation to replace a car ride every now and then. If you’re up for it, give it a go! You may have just found your new favorite commute to work. Lower emissions, and great exercise all wrapped into one? Sounds mint.

Or ditch plastic bottles. Ain’t nobody got time for those, especially when we’re using over 26 billion bottles a year— only one of six are tossed in the recycling bin. Problem solved—get a reusable one that can be refilled throughout the day. And of course, there are some smaller, yet big picture things you can do too, as suggested by Earth Day Network. And there are everyday steps we suggest you take to help our environment:

  1. Enroll in online statements and get off junk mail lists
  2. Seal gaps around doors and windows to keep from using excess heat or AC
  3. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs
  4. Unplug electronic appliances when not in use
  5. Wait for a full load to do laundry or dishes

Since we recognize the importance of Earth Day, we will be hosting Earth Day Celebrations with an open house for the public. Join us on Monday, April 22nd.  We will be offering:

  • FREE Workouts
  • FREE Group Exercise Classes (where available)
  • Games, Giveaways, Prizes
  • And more!

In addition to our in-club celebrations, participate in Earth Day beyond our gyms! We encourage you to use our open house opportunity and mark Earth Day by treating your body to a healthy exercise. It is also important to get involved, and here you can find a list of Earth Day events and activities you can participate in throughout the county.