Client Testimonial: Ursula, YouCoach Member Since December 2017

Every one of us face obstacles or challenges in our way when it comes to health and wellness. Busy schedules. Fear. Aches and pains, and so on. Youfit member, Ursula, faced a handful of her own major obstacles a while back, when she’d decided enough was enough — she was ready to make her health a priority.

“I had never been an exercise type of person, hence the predicament I found myself in, with an excess of 300 pounds, two herniated discs and knees riddled with arthritis,” she explains.

“Because of that and other health reasons, I was forced to take action — and surgery was not an option.” But failure wasn’t an option either. She knew right off the bat that having help — the right program, workout tips, the proper routine and nutrition, etc. — would be critical to her success. So, she started on her own path to being fit to get the ball rolling. “I put myself on a healthy diet and started walking daily. It helped, and it paved my way. I then joined You Fit.”

She removed the guesswork of doing it on her own and connected with a YouCoach named Rolando. His support and guidance helped her achieve a major goal — or several, in fact. It’s a credit to both Ursula and Rolando that those goals were met, because they were substantial. Like, game changing. “I am now 126 pounds lighter, have finished three 5Ks for Disney, and I have one in sight for February,” says Ursula. Wow!

“Rolando helped me achieve endurance to exceed the 5K distance, balance, strength and lots of energy,” she adds. “I am now able to endure 4 miles a day, walking at a very fast pace (about 4 miles an hour) and incorporate some light running (last time I ran was in High School).”

It just goes to show that the journey isn’t about where you start, but where you finish. And Ursula is just getting started. “In terms of my achievements, I’ve been able to witness firsthand how much I can do if I just push myself. Before starting this journey, I never thought I’d be able to change my  BMI and lose weight. And I can run too!”

It worked for Ursula. It can work for you too. Ready for YouCoach personal training? Great. If not, but you still crave the community of support that comes with working out with others, that’s great too — you’ll love the YouGX group exercise classes we offer at select locations, from yoga, interval training, strength training and — well, you’re starting to get the point. We offer everything for YOU.

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