Registered Dietitian Lindsey Gass

Let’s start with the good news: 2019 came in and you absolutely crushed it with getting your workouts in gear. Cardio? Nailed it—you’re doing sprints, HIIT and you even started boxing. Strength training? Out of this world. You’re loading up the squat rack and turning heads in the process. They even call you ‘swole-a-saurus.’ Okay, maybe that last part was a little much.

The point is, the workouts are in control, and you’re on your A game. The dilemma? You’re not too sure what the right foods are to match your great new workout habits. Maybe you walk into your kitchen and can’t tell the difference between your frying pan and an air fryer. The good news? Help is on the way. Or rather, help is already here.

Introducing, Lindsey Gass! Lindsey is a registered dietitian in Miami, FL, and she completed her undergraduate studies at Florida International University while simultaneously holding a part-time job as a Diet Tech at a private hospital. After completing a year-long internship through clinical, sports, long term care, and community nutrition she graduated with honors and became a Clinical Dietitian at Jackson Memorial Hospital (eighth largest hospital in the world). Today, Lindsey is a Registered Dietitian/Licensed Nutritionist in Florida (RD, LD/N) and a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC).

She now works in critical care where she provides nutrition support and participates in trauma research. On the side, she’s an avid runner and Nike run club pacer. She’s working towards qualifying for a Boston marathon all while maintaining a well-rounded routine that includes strength training, cycling, and yoga. The best part? She’s here to help you.

Now, for some great answers from Lindsey to questions you might have.

What inspired you to become a Registered Dietician?
I’ve always been interested in health but it wasn’t until I took a nutrition course in undergrad where I completely fell in love and found studying science most enjoyable.

What do you hope to bring to the platform to encourage others on their health and wellness journey?
I hope to provide knowledge and motivation for others to reach their health goals in a realistic and sustainable way.

What are some non-traditional ways you incorporate a healthy lifestyle so it’s a daily part of your life?
I always start my day exercising in some way. A 5 am workout is best for me because it sets the tone for my day and that makes it easier to make healthier choices the rest of the day.

Walk us through your go-to health regimen. Any pre or post workout rituals?
I usually do my workouts first thing in the morning and when I’ve nearly fasted. All I have is some water and a black coffee plus collagen peptides. Then I go to work with my packed breakfast and lunch + snacks. The biggest key is preparing everything either the night before or earlier in the week.

What motivates you or continues to motivate you?
The desire to improve myself and stay disciplined. Also, I fear slacking off or stopping my routine because I know once you get off of it, it’s harder to get back on. “A body in motion, stays in motion”.

Any nutritional advice for someone just starting his/her fitness journey?
Start with small changes that you know are realistic. Something you can do almost every day until it is a habit. The key to having a successful journey is to ensure it turns into a lifestyle and not something you have to keep restarting again.

What are some hobbies you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Honestly, I love to work out. I enjoy running as a main hobby and also yoga or any new fitness avenue I can get into. I also enjoy cooking and trying unique foods.

Favorite meal, GO!
Beans and rice. No doubt… I think it’s the perfect meal that you can make so many different ways.

Now tell us your favorite guilty pleasure meal.
Definitely wouldn’t call this a meal but I can’t resist chips and salsa or guac. Plus.. anything crispy and salty that I can throw some hot sauce on is good to me too!

Since Youfit is the place where YOU fit in, in what way do you feel nutrition can relate to this motto?
Nutrition is everything about YOU (the individual). No one diet fits all. Each person has a different body and different schedule and they need to find the healthy choices that THEY can sustain daily that will keep them on track and feeling good.

What three words describe you best and why?
Determined, disciplined, and stubborn. I’m very headstrong and can keep myself motivated… sometimes to a fault. It’s good to stay healthy but also to strive for balance.

Do you have any pets?
Yup, one cat named Mia.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?
Narcos… actually taking a break from it now to answer these questions!

What is your favorite thing about being a Registered Dietician?
The flexibility of the industry. There are so many different avenues you can take on as a dietitian that you’re never stuck if your interest or passions change.

What is your life’s motto?
“Life is full of choices”