The Countdown to Change: Dynamic Workout

This week, your YouCoach will be focusing on teaching more dynamic movements, as well as exploring work capacity by pushing the limits further during sets. Try this YouCoach- approved Boot camp exercise during your next workout and see how far you can go!

Warm up

For 5 minutes, perform 5-6 dynamic stretches (Aka mobilizers) such as alternating toe touches, arm circles then move into low intensity bodyweight cardio moves like inchworms, butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks, air squats etc. Keep consistency in the warm-up but add a bit of variety each time. Note: Be cautious of stretching too deep.

-Rest 1 minute-


Deadlift to high pull with kettlebells 

Similar to KB deadlift but finish by explosively doing an upright row leading with the elbows. Note: Power comes from the legs, keep elbows above hands

3 rounds, 10 reps

Curl and press with dumbbells or kettlebells  

Standing curl weights to shoulder height and press overhead. Lower with control.

10 reps

Jumping jacks

20 reps

-Rest 1 minute-

Lateral hops

Feet shoulder width apart, hop to one side then hop back.  

3 rounds, 20 reps

Plank row with pushup with dumbbells

Plank row on each side, pushup and repeat.

5 each arm

Forward and back runs

Set a distance with cones or floor tiles about 6 feet. Run to the end then backpeddle to the start and repeat.

5 reps

-Rest 1 minute-

Squat jumps

1 round, 10 reps

Russian twists

Switch sides in between rounds.

2 rounds, 45 seconds each, 20 seconds rest

Sit ups

2 rounds, 45 seconds each, 20 seconds rest

Cool down

Static stretching hip flexors, calves, chest, legs.

2 minutes

Have you tried this workout? Let us know in the comments!