Countdown to Change March – April 2018

Another successful Countdown to Change came and went in the spring of 2018. When member of the Youfit Tribe signed up for the Countdown to Change Youfit’s weight loss challenge, they were provided with the tools needed to beat any excuses and become a healthier “you” in just 2 months.

What is it?

The Countdown to Change is a YouCoach led program designed to help you lose weight the healthy way. This is an exclusive challenge for Youfit members. Participants receive guidance and support in their fitness journey, leading to better heart health and general wellness.

What You’ll receive

  • Over $900 worth of boot camp classes
  • A chance to win your share of over $100,000 in prizes
  • Unlimited access to YouCoach trainers
  • Exclusive challenger t-shirt
  • Weekly emails & content

Entry Fee

Must be a Youfit member to participate, sign up solo or ask the front desk about a discount for signing up with a friend or family member.

Who is eligible?

Any member who signs up. Must be 18 years or older. To be eligible for prizing, you must complete the initial and final weigh-in’s on the specified dates as well as record your percentage of weight lost at your home club, including a photo.


One male and female winner for each tier:

First Place: $3,000 (x2 – one male and one female)
Second Place: $1,000 (x2 – one male and one female)
Third Place: $500 cash (x2 – one male and one female)

Individual Club Winners (one male, one female): One Year Free Lime Card Membership plus Four Complimentary YouCoach sessions.

How We Determine Winners

Winners are based on percentage of weight lost (amount lbs lost/starting weight X 100). Remember: we want everyone to do so safely and in a healthy manner. You must complete BOTH check-ins to be eligible. The initial weigh-in and final weigh-in periods vary by challenge. Keep your eyes out for the next announcements! Be sure to check those email inboxes too.

Now that you have all the information needed about the challenge, are YOU ready to beat your excuses and take the next challenge on?

The program will not always be easy, but in the end, when you are healthier and OFFICIALLY a Change Maker, you will realize it was worth it! Each week during challenges, participants receive an email with tips that will help you get the most out of your Countdown to Change experience. See you around for the next Countdown to Change!