Countdown to Change Partner Workout

This week, your YouCoach will be focusing on helping you learn new movements while working with a partner. Take a look at the Boot camp workout below and see how far you and your partner can push yourself!


For 5 minutes, perform 5-6 dynamic stretches (Aka mobilizers) such as alternating toe touches, arm circles then move into low intensity bodyweight cardio moves like inchworms, butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks, air squats etc. Keep consistency in the warm-up but add a bit of variety each time. Note: Be cautious of stretching too deep.

-Rest 1 minute-


Alternating Lunge 

Standard lunge with body weight or dumbbells. Reverse lunge optional for those with sensitive knees. Take it slow and focus on stability first. Ensure good balance before adding load.

3 sets, 60 seconds each

Single Arm Row  

Place one hand on a support if possible, if not take a staggered stance and place one hand on the knee. Keep spine neutral. 

3 sets, 60 seconds each

Push ups

3 sets, 60 seconds each, 75 second rest

-Rest 1 minute-

Straight Leg Deadlift with Dumbbells

Only go as low as spine stays neutral. Start with low weight and work your way up.   

3 sets, 60 seconds each

Curl and Press

Hammer Curl into Shoulder Press (one fluid motion, lower weight slowly on the way down to incorporate Triceps). No swinging, keep good alignment.

3 sets, 60 seconds each

Alternating Step Up

Stand in front of of stepper, step up with right foot and follow with left foot then step down with left followed by right. Only use height that doesn’t cause lateral hip tilt. Can add dumbbells for added difficulty.

3 sets, 60 seconds each, 75 seconds rest

-Rest 1 minute-

Medicine Ball Squat and Pass

Minute to Win It: Partners compete to see how many reps they can complete in one minute. One partner squats and passes MB while other catches it, squats and passes MB back.

1 round, 60 seconds

-Rest 1 minute-

Lateral Medicine Ball Pass

Partners face each other standing about 6 feet apart, they pass the med ball back and forth in a woodchop fashion. They should each work opposite sides. Pivot feet so hips follow.

2 rounds, 60 seconds (30 seconds each way), 30 seconds rest

-Rest 20 seconds-

Partner Sit ups/Plank

One partner does situps with a medball while the other holds a plank, switch off every 20 seconds.

3 rounds, 20 seconds each, 10 seconds rest


Static stretching hip flexors, calves, chest, legs.

3 minutes