Thank You for Participating in the Countdown to Change!

Calling all Change Makers – as we continue to celebrate your accomplishments in an official capacity (and we hope you had a great time at the November 19 Wrap-Up Party!), we’ve also got our eyes toward celebrating your achievements by building upon them. Ready to rise again?!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, the saying goes, and the same goes for your health and fitness goals. In fact, we never fully ‘arrive’ at a destination when it comes to health and fitness. It’s the opposite – the destination is actually the journey. We wake up in the morning, make choices that are good for our bodies, and enjoy life’s moments with our kids, our spouses and of course, our Youfit friends. But once that first big milestone is achieved, what comes next?

Well, that’s what today’s post is all about. Finding that next goal, or reaching that next level. If, for example, the original goal was to get out for a two mile walk twice a week, then what would it look like if we graduated to a two mile run twice a week?

And similarly, if we were hoping to be healthy enough to keep up with the kids, what would it look like if we led the way to helping them grow and improve their own love of health and fitness?

To really get things going – or to keep them going – it has to start with you. If you want to stay on track, it comes down to making that decision and working at it day by day to sustain it. And sometimes, calling in for help when the job requires. If that sounds like a convenient pitch for a YouCoach, you’d be right – but that’s only because we’ve heard from you, our participants, that having them teach Countdown to Change boot camp classes, and providing one-on-one accountability, was a big part of why you succeeded!

Now is the perfect time to sit down and take stock in all you’ve achieved, and all you might like to achieve. In fact, it might be a good idea to actually write them down. One study found that people who simply wrote their goals down on a regular basis were 42 percent more likely to actually achieve them. Wow!

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask the staff at your local Youfit for YouCoach member specials that may be available. Before you know it, our next Countdown to Change Challenge will be here in early 2019. You’ve achieved great things in 2018. What will you achieve next? No matter what it is, we can’t wait to be here at your side to find out – and help you get there.