The Countdown to Change: Master the Movements Workout

The workout this week is a reminder to be confident in your abilities and the progress you have made in the Countdown to Change. It is the last Boot camp class with your YouCoach before final assessment, so make sure you go all out and finish with a bang!


For 5 minutes, perform 5-6 dynamic stretches (Aka mobilizers) such as alternating toe touches, arm circles then move into low intensity bodyweight cardio moves like inchworms, butt kicks, high knees, jumping jacks, air squats etc. Keep consistency in the warm-up but add a bit of variety each time. Note: Be cautious of stretching too deep.

-Rest 1 minute-


Sumo Deadlift with Dumbbells

Start in squat position with feet facing out with DB on the floor between the legs, grab at the top of the DB and drive up through heals. Remember to keep spine neutral. 

2 sets, 60 seconds each

Military Press with Dumbbells  

Standing with DBs at shoulder height, press overhead.

2 sets, 60 seconds each

Alternating Lunge

Standard lunge, give option to do reverse lunge for those with sensitive knees. Take it slow and focus on stability first. Ensure good balance before adding load. 

2 sets, 60 seconds each


Start in squat position at 45 degrees, bend at waist at 45 degrees, row with both hands simultaneously.  

2 sets, 60 seconds each, 90 second rest

-Rest 1 minute-

Romanian Deadlift with Dumbbells

Hold DB in each hand, hinge at the hips and allow knees to bend.

2 sets, 60 seconds each


Standard pushups.

2 sets, 60 seconds each

Alternating Lateral Lunge

Step out laterally and squat onto one leg allowing opposite leg to lengthen. Alternate sides.

2 sets, 60 seconds each

Alternating Rows with Dumbbells

Same as DB Row but alternate arms. Make sure spine is neutral.

2 sets, 60 seconds each, 90 seconds rest


-Rest 1 minute-

Squat Hold – 160 seconds

Shuttle Run – 160 seconds

-Rest 1 minute-

Hands to Feet Crunch

Laying supine, touch both hands to feet or alternate opposite hand and foot

2 sets, 45 seconds each.

Plank with Reach

Pushup position lift one arm up and look at the ceiling so shoulders are stacked.

2 sets, 45 seconds each, 20 seconds rest


Static stretching hip flexors, calves, chest, legs.

2 minutes