Countdown to Change Midway Transformations

The full 60 days of Countdown to Change may not be over yet, but plenty of members have made real changes to their bodies, minds and lifestyles! Let the transformations below serve as some inspiration for your own personal fitness journey.

Lorna Brown, Coral Springs


Lorna Brown joined Youfit approximately two years ago. She decided to participate in the Countdown to Change because she wanted motivation. After taking the Bootcamp classes on a regular basis for one month, she has lost 3 pounds and notices that she feels much better. She absolutely loves the camaraderie, and enjoys that when she comes to class, she has so many people that push her along with the coaches. Overall, Lorna said that she is very pleased to have joined and has more energy now than she’s had in years!

mICHAEL lAbARBERA, winter park


Luckily for Michael, he was able to join Youfit just in time to be a Countdown to Change participant! The challenge has motivated him to push harder with every class. The coaches have even taught him new techniques to burn more calories along his fitness journey. Michael has already noticed changes to his body and improved stamina and endurance. He loves what this program and the coaches bring to the table.  



Andy Jones has been a member with us for over 3 years. Andy typically comes in 1-2 times per day and always gives it his all. Andy is a commercial pilot and even though he has a hectic schedule he always finds the time to improve his health. Andy has put on some muscle and his endurance and stamina has increased significantly ever since joining the challenge! He now works one on one with his favorite trainers and good friend Assistant Fitness Director Laura Hirshberg!



Serena was struggling to maintain her health on her own, but been a dedicated member ever since joining the challenge. Serena has successfully lost 6 pounds and significant inches lost throughout the rest of her body. She is satisfied with the results and happy she has the opportunity to lose weight the healthy way.

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