Crazy Over Kale – Benefits & Tasty Recipes

Move over, spinach. Kale is the “it” green every fit foodie can’t get enough of. It’s no wonder … Compared to spinach that wilts easily (no offense, spinach, you will always have a place at our table), kale holds its own in stir-frys, sautés, soups and salads. Its hard, leafy nature absorbs flavors and maintains a chewy texture. And health benefits? Kale super-charges a diet with cancer-fighting, brain-boosting and vision-improving vitamins and antioxidants.

What Can Kale Help You Do?

  • Fight Off Colds — With more vitamin C than an orange, one cup of kale provides 134 percent of the recommended daily intake
  • Get Smart — High in essential fatty acids, like Omega-3s, kale helps boost brain health and lower Type 2 diabetes
  • See the Light — More than any other leafy green, it is packed with vision boosting Vitamin A, 133 percent of the recommended daily intake

If you’re a deer in the headlights at the sight of kale, fear no more. These recipes are so tasty and easy that the king of greens just might earn a spot next to the other regulars in your fridge. It’s time to cook up some kalelicious meals.

Whole Wheat Pasta With Kale and Roast Chicken

crazy over kale - whole-wheat-pasta with kale

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Braised Kale Frittata

crazy over kale - braised-kale

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Kale Chips

crazy over kale chips

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