5 Tips for Your Digital Detox

When we talk about health and nutrition or fitness, you’d be right to assume we’re usually talking about physical fitness and working out. And there’s the mental health boost that comes from those things too. But occasionally, creating the best version of you has nothing to do with the gym (gasp — yep, we said it!). Instead, it has to do with something even more difficult to discuss.

Our smartphones. Our tablets. Our computers.

Granted, you’re reading this on one of those devices. But wherever you are right now, pause for a second and look around you. Is there anyone around you who isn’t using one of those devices right now? Anyone?

The answer to that question may be obvious, and yet, kind of…interesting. The reality is that these devices make life easier; that much is true. You could theoretically make it through an entire productive workday without ever setting down your smartphone. But at what cost?

Well, if you’re wondering how to get these digital devices out of your hands — and more importantly, out of your head — you might be ready for a digital detox. Clear your head. Boost your well-being. And follow these five tips for a digital detox.

How to Detox from Digital Devices 

Plan a project or long-delayed activity: It can be hard or downright impossible to drop your phone for half a day with no plan to fill your idle time. So think ahead — if you’re going to leave your smartphone on the shelf for five or six hours, what will you do with that time instead? Read a book. Go for a walk. Go to Youfit for a personal training session, then grab yourself a yummy smoothie, go on a walk and then read a book. But odds are it won’t happen on accident. So plan ahead. Think of something you want to do with your idle time — then do it.

Imagine a night of amazing sleep: And then go have it. Seriously. Research indicates just how much of a negative impact our devices have on our ability to find rest at night. It can impact our ability to doze off, by minutes or hours. Instead, wind down with a bonfire on the patio and some good conversation with friends or family. Then, call it a night. Try a nice face mask if that’s your thing, relax, and fall into a cozy sleep — a phoneless sleep.

Define ‘screen time’: Some families have adopted the practice of defined screen time, which means each of you can only use your devices during specified hours. Outside of that? It’s family time. Or book time. Or nature time. This is a smart way to create balance — you don’t have to go cold turkey on device usage if you have set boundaries. Just remember to enforce them; you’ll thank yourself later.

Be social in real life: Here’s a new thought — instead of convincing yourself that you’re being social and connecting with others on social media, try a week where you replace social media screen time with hanging out with close friends and family. It’s definitely more thoughtful than hitting the ‘like’ button on that picture from that girl you met once at a party you didn’t enjoy. You’ll be amazed at how much more connected you really feel when you do it in person.

Re-learn how to entertain yourself: Sometimes a digital detox isn’t easy to pull off. In fact, most of the time, it’s hard. Don’t beat yourself up for that. Instead, maybe start with one hour of a digital detox and use that time to figure out what your mind says and does. What ideas pop-up? What are you thinking of doing or trying, if anything at all? Listen to your mind when it’s not distracted. A quiet mind is powerful — and revealing.

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