Enhance your healthy lifestyle with DotFIT

At Youfit, we want to ensure that our members are receiving the guidance and support they need to reach their fitness goals. That’s why we have integrated dotFIT into the services that we provide for our members.


DotFIT is known for producing and selling nutritional products, but did you know they also can provide valuable guidance on nutrition and exercise programs? DotFIT partners with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to provide best-in class information, tools and resources that some our members are eligible to utilize.


After logging onto your account and taking a short questionnaire that assesses your current level of fitness and your fitness goals, you can begin to track your food and workouts on the site. You can even link up any tracker apps or devices to upload your information automatically. DotFIT will analyze the information you log into the system and draw out the necessary steps to get you on track with your goals. Run out of ideas for your workout? DotFIT has a large database of effective exercises, categorized by the type of result you may desire, that you can utilize to create a customized workout that works for you.


YC Assessment

You’re invited to come take a fitness evaluation and be introduced to these brand new nutritional products as well as a comprehensive fitness program tailored to your individual goals. To get your assessment and sign up for a complimentary dotFIT account, please visit your Youfit and schedule an appointment with a YouCoach trainer today.


As always, the DotFIT supplements are the best in their class. The products are safe, effective, and free of any contaminants or impurities.

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