An Earth Day Guide for Fitness Enthusiasts

Let’s face it. We should all practice being green daily, but sometimes we fall off the recycling wagon. Thankfully, Earth Day comes yearly in April providing us with a reality check and earthly awareness. Thinking locally and acting globally is an important Youfit initiative that lines up directly with our company’s values. So much so, that we want to encourage all of our members to make the most out of their workouts without damaging Mother Earth. Check out these easy lifestyle changes that will lead to a happier, and more green, earth.


Let’s start with how you drink your water. Investing in a reusable water bottle is a worthwhile investment. Not only will it save you money, but you will help save the earth. Nationally, only 10% of plastic water bottles are recycled, and over 30 million single serve plastic containers end up in the landfill every day. If you insist on using a plastic bottle, make sure you recycle. At Youfit, we have recycling bins conveniently placed throughout our facility for easy access.


If you have a Lime Card membership and usually meet up with your guest at the gym, consider carpooling instead. Driving with a friend will drastically reduce harmful carbon emissions into the air that would have normally occurred had you drove separately. Alternatively, biking or walking to the gym are extremely Eco-friendly ways to get around. They also make for a great warm up exercise!

Now let’s look at how you fuel up for your workout. Off the shelf sports drinks reap havoc on our environment, from the plastic in the bottle to the artificial ingredients that make up its composition. Consider a DIY sports drink like our favorite Electric Green Limeade Juice to fuel up before a workout, instead of a conventional sports drink. We also suggest eating locally and seasonally to reduce your carbon footprint.


Finally, you can feel good about working out at Youfit to help celebrate Earth Day! Unlike most gyms, we utilize high-efficiency air conditioners, efficient poly-seal insulated walls, energy efficient lighting, and bathroom dryers instead of paper towels. The floors of our club are made from Nike Grind and other recycled rubber and we also utilize Big Ass Fans in our clubs to cut down on air conditioning costs.

Just some small tweaks in habits can lead to a big different on this Earth!  Make sure you utilize our tips above so you can feel good about getting fit. Your body, and Mother Nature, will thank you for it!