Eco-Friendly Gym Gear for Earth Day

So you attend a gym that is eco-friendly, but what about your gym gear? The conventional companies that produce and sell gym gear typically do not implement green manufacturing practices, and end up leaving quite the negative impact on our environment. If you are looking to decrease your carbon footprint, consider investing in these green gym products.


Recovery is imperative to any fitness regime, no matter what level you are at. We like to use the beLONG body roller at home to reduce muscle tightness because of its high density support and sustainable composition. The roller is certified to having more than 50% recycled EVA foam in its makeup (the rest is virgin EVA foam).


We always sport Maggie’s Organic Cotton Sports Socks when we’re at Youfit because they’re extra cushion-y and keep your feet dry and cool. The secret is US made Repreve, made from recycled plastic water bottles, which has a special moisture-wicking technology ideal for working out.


Whenever we take a YouGX yoga class, we reach for Rodale’s Ohm Yoga Bra. The fabric is double thick so everything stays in place, and has thin straps, which allow extra flexibility. The bra is also made in the U.S. from 88% organic cotton, so you can stretch easy knowing you did your part to help the planet.


Our recommendation for an eco-friendly gym sneaker comes from All birds, a company committed to sourcing natural and sustainable materials. The shoes are made of merino wool found in New Zealand, which makes for an exceptionally breathable and lightweight fabric. This company only produces one style of sneaker, but why would you ever need anything else?

Youfit takes pride in its efforts to “think locally, act globally,” and hopes to instill this philosophy in its members. So, if you love your eco-friendly gym, and want the green gear to match, consider the environment in your next fitness related purchase.