Accomplish Any Goal by Embracing Change

Like so many adults in America, Serena Webb was having trouble maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle on her own. This is a common issue that faces people looking to lose weight, as finding the motivation to make a long-term lifestyle change can be difficult.

When Serena joined the Countdown to Change, however, she was able to successfully lose 6 pounds and inches from her waist, all within weeks.


The purpose of the Countdown to Change is to encourage and support our members to make changes that are sustainable and create significant and lasting results. Those who see results are those who can make the right changes in their lives, and stick with it!

If you are serious about seeing results, check out our tips below for embracing change!

Get into a routine

You work 40- 50 hours a week, have a family with kids involved in extracurriculars, and try to maintain a hobby on the side. We get it, you’re busy! If you have a deep enough “why”, you will be willing to make some adjustments to your routine. Have you considered waking up earlier to work out? You’ll be surprised by how many do this everyday. What about spending a few hours once a week meal prepping so you can eat healthy all week?

There are ways to adapt your lifestyle so you can reach your goals; all it takes is some smart planning. Once you make those adaptations and get into a routine, you’ll find that things will simply fall into place.

Start small

If you think you need to make a huge change immediately to see results, you will be happy to know that small tweaks can make a huge impact due to the compound effect! For starters, try drinking more water throughout the day, or simply adding more reps in your workout. There are limitless opportunities to make changes throughout your day, just stay in the moment and be willing to go the extra mile.

Stay positive

Sometimes, it is darkest just before dawn. When things seem bad, it is likely because life is about to get better. Stay positive! This will give you the momentum you need to charge forward through the difficult times and really appreciate the good times.

It is said that if you do what is always done, then you will get what you have always gotten. By staying positive, making small changes and getting into a routine, you will see that your results are not as far off as you may have once thought. If you want to learn more about the changes you should be making to get the outcome you want, talk to your YouCoach today.