Exercise Myths Busted – 3 Common Fitness Myths

Reaching your fitness goals can be frustrating when you constantly hear contradicting information. What may work for you may not work for someone else. Since we all have different fitness goals, we have to embark on a different journey to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. However, some practices remain accurate for anyone who is adding fitness into their life. With so much information circling on the Internet and social media, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not. Below we clear the air about three exercise myths you may have heard.


Exercise Myth #1: Women shouldn’t lift weights – it’ll make them bulky.

Ladies, lifting weights will NOT make you bulky! In fact, weight training is an essential key to weight loss. According to Women’s Health Magazine, weight training contributes to 40% more fat loss. If you stick to only doing cardio, you will end up losing fat and muscle. Some women talk about wanting to look more toned. To gain definition, you need to build muscle, which requires lifting weights.


Exercise Myth #2: If I want abs, I just need to incorporate more ab exercises into my routine.

Ab exercises alone are not enough to melt off fat and reveal abs. To see results you need to be eating properly (protein is key), engaging in ab exercises (building ab muscles is necessary) and incorporating cardio into your routine to lower your body fat. Bodybuilding.com explains that compound exercises such as barbell squats and dumbbell lunges also engage your core!


Exercise Myth #3: I need to work out more if I want more results.

Yes, in order to see results, a consistent workout regime is key. Do too little and you may not see any results, but it’s all about a healthy balance. If you’re already working out five times a week and aren’t satisfied with your results, first consider how efficient your workouts are. Are you lifting to failure or are you doing what just feels easy? Also consider other areas of your life. Are you getting enough rest? Are you eating properly? Pushing yourself over the limit could exhaust your body and deplete you of energy. Read more from Shape about why rest days are necessary for your body to recharge and for your muscles to grow.

Knowing the truth about these exercise myths will help you build a smarter, better workout. Do you know of any other big fitness myths? Connect with us on Twitter or on Facebook and let us know what other misconceptions we should look out for.