Four Ways to Fall for Fitness

As summer ends and fall begins, plenty of people fall off their fitness routines. Summer vacations are over and the idea of cuddling up with a pumpkin spice anything becomes more tantalizing than hitting the gym.

Don’t let your health take a back seat this Fall. Think of Fall as an opportunity to reassess your fitness goals and achieve new milestones. If you’re ready to fast-track your results this season, take a look at your tips below to make your fall into fitness the best yet.

  1. Fall into a new routine: The daylight change brings an opportunity to revisit your routine. Ask yourself if your current routine is working based on your schedule, and if any changes need to be made. Most importantly, make sure enough time is blocked off during your day to go the gym or to take a walk.
  1. Fall for a group exercise instructor: The fall is a great time to try out new classes and instructors. Since many people fall off their gym routine, classes are not as full as they are during other times of the year. It’s the perfect opportunity for beginners to experiment.
  1. Fall for new gear: Who doesn’t love new workout gear!? If you’re feeling unmotivated to hit the gym, pick up a bright new tank top or some comfy new shorts!  With all of the work you put in over the summer, perhaps you can pick up a smaller size. That should be motivation enough to keep on track through the fall!
  1. Find an exercise that you really love to do: The best way to fall for fitness is to do something you really enjoy doing. There are so many different ways to move and get in shape. You will be much more likely to stick with your routine if you actually enjoy the exercise you’re doing. If you’re not sure where to start, a YouCoach personal trainer can put a program together that’s right for you.

So, are you ready to make the most out of this season? This fall, Youfit is helping you Fall For Fitness by opening up health clubs across the country for free workouts on Fridays in October.

Visit any Youfit Health Club on October Fridays and you can workout for free and get started down the path of wellness.