Fall for Fitness: The Time for Change is Now

The end of summer can be a bittersweet time of year. The summer months were filled with family time, outdoor activities, never-ending amounts of sun and gentle breezes. Ahhhh. But there’s something about the crisp, fresh air of fall that can breathe new life into your exercise routine and not just cause you to strap on the comfy sweatpants while falling off the wagon. As the weather cools down and summer ends, we have some workout and nutrition tips to help make fitness a part of your everyday routine going into the fall season. And they work!

Schedule your workouts for the morning or during the day. Due to the time change and the sun setting earlier, you may feel more tired than usual in the evenings. If you’re anything like us, you’ll catch yourself at 2pm saying “Is it really only 6pm? It feels so much later! Oh, there are still 4 hours before 6pm? Wow, I need a nap.” To avoid that altogether, exercising early can help to ensure your workout gets done. Plus, it will give you more free time in the evenings to do other things – or nothing at all, because you’ve earned it.

Vary your indoor workouts. To make the most out of your time at the gym, take advantage of all your gym has to offer. Don’t get caught in the routine of always using the same machines each time you go. Keep it fresh by trying a new fitness class –where available– or try a HIIT workout on the Express Circuit. Invite a friend along too to help keep you motivated, or make friends at the gym!

Embrace what the season has to offer outside. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year to get outside with family and friends. The season is perfect for outdoor hikes, apple picking, and corn mazes to name a few. Plus, there are many holiday themed events to take part in such as Halloween costume runs and Thanksgiving Turkey Trots. Who doesn’t want to see a grown adult dressed as Batman running down the road or a bunch of human turkeys ‘gobbling’ down the streets? And while you’re thinking about activities outside, is your yard filling with leaves? Raking leaves can actually be a great calorie-burning workout. Turn those outdoor chores into a fitness challenge by setting small goals along the way. And then, revel in the satisfaction of a nice, clean yard (at least for a few hours).

Get healthy with fall foods. No, pumpkin spice lattes don’t count (bummer). However, lots of fall produce can have positive impacts on our health and nutrition, such as apples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and figs. Apples are rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber which can aid in lowering bad cholesterol. Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are great health foods as they are rich in vitamins and low in calories. Got a hunger craving you can’t beat? Figs contain fiber and potassium which makes them a filling snack! 

This season is the perfect time to fall into a fitness routine that you will love. As always, we are here to help empower and encourage our Youfit family to enjoy life. To learn more about Youfit Health Clubs and find the nearest Youfit location, please visit youfit.com.