Father’s Day – Todd and Ethan

Ever wondered why you turned out so awesome? Take a look at your dad! We’re sure you’ve been the brunt of several dad jokes that cost him enough cool points to build yours up, and we think he deserves a shout out for it!

Youfit honors all of the dads this Father’s Day, and we want to especially highlight member Todd Botner and his son Ethan, who both recently joined #TeamYoufit at our Miami Hammocks location! We caught up with the pair as they were leaving one of their regularly-scheduled group exercise classes to ask them about their experience at Youfit and how they incorporate it into their family dynamic.

Todd –a computer programmer by day– uses his gym workouts as time to unplug and take a mental break while giving his body some attention after sitting at a desk for hours. Todd emphasized that his home Youfit’s wide variety of group exercise classes were the best part and what drew him to the Youfit family. With his busy work-family life schedule, not only were they most convenient, but he’s able to bring Ethan with him as an added bonus for their time together while encouraging the importance of healthy activity in their lives.

When they’re not in the gym, Todd and Ethan enjoy playing basketball, baseball, soccer…almost any other sport with a ball that you can think of, with a good ol’ game of 1-on-1 basketball being their favorite. Todd is big on cardio, so any game that gets him up and moving is a winner, no pun intended.

“I’m in my late 40s, so I want to avoid going down that slippery slope of bad health by choosing to stay active and pay attention to my body,” Todd says. “I’m at that pivotal age where the decisions I make now, especially those involving my health, are more impactful in the short and long-term.”

We asked Todd to tell us more about what motivates him to pursue a more active lifestyle, and he offered a cool concept about life, “Life is consumable, like drinking a Coke. You enjoy it but it can go by so fast. I want to be able to keep up with Ethan and enjoy my family for as long as I possibly can. If you don’t make a point to stay healthy enough to make as many lasting memories as possible, it’s harder to enjoy your life to the fullest.”

We totally agree with you, Todd! You can’t take care of the family until you take care of yourself, and we believe that valuing your quality of life should be a priority when it comes to making decisions toward a healthier lifestyle. After all, we are the gym that’s all about feeling and LIVING better.

This year, consider taking a break from the patterned ties, golf clubs and other gifts purchased with your dad’s money. Try treating pops with a feel-good gift that he can use for a lifetime by signing him up for a membership at Youfit!

From all of us at Youfit to every dad out there, Happy Father’s Day!