Finishing the Weight Loss Challenge Strong

In any journey, the anticipation of the finish line is sometimes enough to encourage anyone to give it their all. As we near the end of the Countdown to Change, we want our members to channel a similar mindset so that they can finish the challenge strong.

No matter where you are in relation to the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the challenge, take this opportunity to ride out your last minute momentum and see how far you can push yourself. Who knows, your results may just surprise you in the end.

In support of your journey, we’ve listed out the best ways for you to channel your inner winner and finish the Countdown to Change strong. Try incorporating these into your routine and witness your fitness improve.

Combine resistance and cardio training

Utilizing a combination of both resistance training and cardio is the perfect storm for a great calorie burn. If you have only worked out on the treadmill or arc trainer, try your hand with some free weights or our Express Circuit. Alternatively, if you only like using weights, try incorporating some running into your routine. Changing up your method of exercise is always a great way to see results.

Take advantage of your perks

As a Countdown to Change participant, you have free access to a ton of useful resources that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Before the final check in, you would be doing yourself a favor by trying out a free YouGX class (available at select locations) if you have not already. Additionally, all participants are eligible for a YouCoach personal trainer at a discounted cost. All of these resources, plus more, are available for you to use to accelerate your fitness journey. Talk to your YouCoach for more information.

Start today!

The best way to get anything done is to roll up your sleeves (in this case, put on some gym shoes) and get started! You can come up with a million excuses of why you lost momentum, but the best thing you can do is pick back up, now! No excuse feels better than a great workout.

Think of your reward

If your goal is to lose weight for the Countdown to Change, then you already have a pretty hefty reward that could be waiting for you at the finish line. If $5,000 isn’t going to make you jump off the couch and get moving, then we don’t know what will!

If you have other goals in mind, take a moment and think about why they’re important to you and imagine how you would feel if you successfully achieved theml. Use this as your motivation to continue.

No matter where you are at in the Countdown to Change, there is still time to hit some major milestones in your journey. By taking advantage of the resources available to you, and making your fitness a priority, you can achieve great things!

How are you finishing Countdown to Change strong? Let us know in the comments!