Fitting a Workout Into Your Busy Schedule

We all lead busy lives and finding time to go to the gym can be a challenge. If early morning and midday workouts don’t work with your schedule, an evening training session can be a great way to end your day.  

Tips for evening training sessions: 

Sign Up Ahead of Time: Registering for group exercise classes ahead of time is a good way to stay committed to your workout. Check with the front desk of your gym the day before or online to see the class schedule.*

Go Immediately After Work: Instead of making a pit stop at home, prep all of your workout clothes the night before and bring your gym bag with you as you head out in the morning.

Plan Out Meals: Make sure to plan out your meals throughout your day around workouts. Ensuring you eat a few hours before you work out prevents digestion issues and loss of energy. 

Reward Yourself: If you have worked out consistently throughout the week and hit personal fitness goals, treat yourself to something you’ll enjoy. Whether it’s new gym gear or a nice dinner, the incentives will keep you motivated.

*YouGX classes are at select Youfit locations only. For class times and locations visit here.