Four Common Excuses Debunked by COO J.J. Creegan

This post has been brought to you by Youfit’s very own COO, J.J. Creegan

I have worked 40+ hours a week inside health clubs since I was fifteen years old, committing myself everyday to helping others get started on the path of looking better, feeling better, and living better.  We all know that it is a tough first step to open the door of any fitness center and get started.  Questions run through our minds and our palms start to sweat: Will I fit in?  What do I do when I get started? How much will it cost?

What has puzzled me the most in the past three to five years is the repetition of excuses for not taking that first step. The typical excuses I have seen have not materially changed over the past fifteen years.  While our lives and technology have drastically changed, our excuses and health have not.  Here is what I mean.

“I don’t have the time to workout.”  

I get this one.  As a new father of twins in a household where both my wife and I work full time, it is tough to carve out time.  However, I recently found the time to binge watch the entire first season of West World.  How is it that many of us don’t have the time to exercise, but we find the time to crush hours of back to back TV?

Moreover, many of us avoid working out because we assume it takes so much time. Today my standard workout is no more than 20-30 minutes in length.  This is achieved simply by picking four exercises and repeating them with light or bodyweight resistance (stopping only to catch my breath).

“I don’t know how to get started.”  

How often do you pull out your phone, tap your web browser, and type in the words, “How do I …?”  In the past month I (along with millions of other YouTube searchers) watched how-to videos on household repairs, kitchen recipes, car maintenance, child soothing, and oddly enough more than five million people have even watched “How to Style Your Hair Like Trump.”  Why don’t we feel comfortable watching YouTube videos that show us how to exercise and apply those same skills inside Youfit?  If you are willing to try and fix electrical wiring and risk frying yourself based off a YouTube video, why wouldn’t you be willing to try a workout?

In addition, we need to be willing to ask for help in the same way we are willing to ask for seconds at family dinners.  I have found that most people in the gym are willing to share a tip. Even if you don’t feel comfortable asking a stranger for help, you can mimic what you see one person doing or jump on the elliptical.  And of course you can always get professional help from a YouCoach who has been taught specifically how to help you get started.  Just remember, there are more ways today than ever before for you to get the help you need.

“I can’t afford it.”

Youfit offers memberships as low as $10 a month.  Instead of investing in our health, we chose to spend our ten dollars on items such as selfie sticks, app purchases, buy one get one pizza rolls, as well as countless other items that are purchased with the click of a finger from your phone or Amazon. Few of these items truly contribute to your quality of life in the same way a healthier body and mind can.  Think twice before you click “add to cart.”

“It isn’t convenient.”  

This one is simple.  While our first choice is that you choose to exercise at a Youfit location, we prefer you do something over nothing.  Do ten pushups, ten crunches, and ten jumping jacks when you wake up every morning.  Take the stairs versus the elevator.  Buy a standing desk or take a few laps around the neighborhood everyday.  Movement is the only thing that truly matters.  Your body was born to move.  

It may be unrealistic for all of us to instantaneously living better and exercising regularly.  However, it is not an unreasonable goal to make small changes toward better health.  As a country, we are falling short with our overall health when we should be setting the standard.  

Working out does not need to occupy your entire life, but it can make your entire life exponentially better.  The time you spend in Youfit will not take away, it will only add to your life. So before you are tempted to use one of the excuses above, remind yourself that an investment in health will truly help you live better.