The Four-Week Workout Plan for Beginners

Youniverse Contributor Lynsee Hee Kyeong

Exercise is just as essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as nourishing the body with nutrient dense foods is.  It can be a little confusing determining a workout schedule that will be effective.  Regardless of whether your end goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or to simply jump start a healthy routine, a plan is necessary.  Beginners should start off with rotating cardio with a resistance routine, along with some key muscle-focused exercises to ensure proper toning strength.  You’ll also want to incorporate a rest day to give your muscles an appropriate amount of time to heal.  Additionally, it is essential to balance regular exercise with a good meal plan that coincides with your goal. For a great calorie intake calculation, try this weight loss calculator (

Please see below for our four-week workout to jump on the fitness train to good health.

4-Week Workout Plan 

4-week-healthy-meal-plan_youfit_lynsee-hee-kyeong_fitness-bloggerTight Abs & Back 

Bicycle Abs


Begin by lying on your back with hands behind your ears, legs hovering about 10 inches from the floor.  Engage the core and begin lifting one knee towards your chest while the other leg straightens outward.  Rotate your torso to the right, while your left elbow meets the right knee.  Alternate sides in a pedaling motion, as if you are riding a bicycle.

Side Plank Dips


Start by lying on one side and raise one arm in the air, as you hold your body up with the other bent arm.  Contracting your abs, begin “dipping” your hip to barely touch the floor, and raise it back to its starting position.

Toe Touches


Lie on the floor with legs in the air at a 45-degree angle, and reach for your toes while raising the upper body slightly.


Cardio is a fantastic way to burn fat and slim down the body, but often times it can be difficult trying to decipher what qualifies as cardio exercise.  There are endless options for cardio, including going for a run, biking, kickboxing, aerobics class, beach volleyball, to name a few.

Toned Arms & Booty

Overhead Press


Standing with arms at your sides and dumbbell weights in both hands, begin raising your arms to a 90-degree angle.  Push upward to straighten your arms, and return to a 90-degree angle hold.

Bicep Curls


To begin with bicep curls, start by standing with dumbbell weights in both hands and wrists facing directly in front of you.  Slowly raise the weights up in a curling motion towards your biceps, and release to their original position.

Upright Row


With weights in your hands and wrists facing your body, begin pulling the dumbbells upward.  Bend your elbows outward, and engage the shoulders by pulling the weights up to meet your chest.  Release to your starting point.

Tricep Dips


Strengthen your triceps by sitting with your knees bent and feet on the floor, arms bent at a 90-degree angle, and hands on a bench or chair.  Push your body up, engaging the tricep muscles and slowly bend your arms for one rep.

Sexy Legs & Booty

Squat Jumps


Bend your legs and sit down, almost as if there is a chair beneath you.  Holding your arms at your sides, begin jumping and sitting back into a squatting position for a rep.  You can also reach your arms to the sky while jumping for a little more of a burn.

Reverse Lunges


With one hand on a bench or chair, bend your right knee at a 90-degree angle while the other leg extends behind you in a lunging position.  Begin lowering the body down, as the rear leg almost touches the ground.  Stand up and alternate legs.

Balancing Squats


Get really great definition in your gluteus muscles by sitting in a squatting position and slowly pulse up and down (about 4 inches upward and 4 inches downward).