Four Workout Buddy Exercises

Working out with a buddy comes with many great benefits. Some of those include: extra motivation, more enjoyment in your workouts, accountability, less risk of injuries, reaching your goals faster, and many more!

Now, join your bestest bud and hit the nearest Youfit. Raphael Konforti, Youfit Health Clubs’ National Head of Fitness Education, has some fun and easy ways two buds can workout together!

By combining resistance band training with a couple core and cardio partner maneuvers, that after-workout big, leafy green salad you’ll share will be more than deserved (ok, some days it’s a banana split – it’s called balance).

Resistance bands make for a dynamic and effective workout because they keep tension on the muscles at all times and they can provide resistance in any direction. Grab two for this quick partner workout.

You’ll spend 1 minute in each of the 2 exercises below, switching at the 30 second mark. Do 3 rounds total:

1. Resisted Bear Crawls

This exercise hits your core, arms, legs and is a ton of fun!

How: Partner one will get in a pushup position with the resistance band around their waist. The other partner will hold the band providing resistance while the first partner crawls.

2. Squat and Row

This is the perfect exercise to challenge your partner! One partner will target their legs while the other will work on their back and biceps.

How: Partner one will take an athletic stance facing the other partner and do a row by pulling the band towards their body. The other partner will hold the band to give the first partner resistance while holding a squat. To make the exercise more challenging take a step apart from each other.

Keep the celebration going! Let’s kick up everyone’s core and cardio points by throwing in the following:

3. Flutter Kicks with Plank

Are you both up for a major core challenge? This exercise forces both partners to contract all their core muscles to increase core strength and definition while improving endurance.

How: Partner one lies on their back with hands at the sides or places them underneath the glutes while alternating stacking the feet. Do twenty flutter kicks while partner two holds the plank position. Partner two gets into plank by starting in a pushup position on the floor, bend the elbows ninety degrees and resting their weight on the forearms. Switch once partner one completes twenty reps.

If you’re feeling saucy and want even more of a challenge, try alternating lifts of your hand and foot while in the plank.

4. Minute to Win It – Medicine Ball Squat and Pass

Brace yourselves, cardio is coming! This friendly contest is a great way to build coordination in addition to strengthening the lower body.

How: Partner one stands with their feet hip-width apart, holding a medicine ball at shoulder height close to their body.. Squat down, bending at the hips and keeping weight in the heels. As you squat up pass the ball to partner two. Repeat the motion back and forth. To take it up a notch, have both partners squat every time, even if they don’t have the ball.

Working out is always more fun with a pal! Now that you have some fun new workouts in your arsenal, be sure to schedule your next gym hang out right away. We’ll be right here!

Bummed you can’t enjoy a Youfit rendezvous with your biffle? Not a problem! Get them a FREE day pass if they’re not a member, they’ll owe you the next banana split.

Do YOU have any other workout buddy exercises? Let us know in the comments below!