Get Through Your Day with Energy-Boosting Recipes

Do you ever find yourself dragging through the day? If you consistently reach for a cup of coffee when the clock hits 2 p.m., it may be time to find a healthier and cheaper way to wake up. Instead of depending on coffee or an energy drink for that extra boost, consider looking at what’s on your plate. These energy-boosting recipes give you the energy you need, in a healthy way.

Superfood Salad with Pan-Seared Salmon

energy-boosting recipe_salmon-kale

Quinoa is a nutritious carbohydrate that will help you stay lean while also giving you that energy you need. Pair it with avocado, kale and salmon, and you are looking at one nutritious and delicious dish! Check out the way Maya of Alaska from Scratch serves up Superfood Salad with Pan-Seared Salmon. It will be sure to keep you full and happy.

Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies

energy-boosting recipes_pumkin-breakfast-cookies

Self-control usually keeps us from indulging in cookies for breakfast, but what if they were healthy, energy-boosting cookies? Regina of Leelalicious is cooking up these pumpkin breakfast cookies to kick your day into high gear! Consisting of oats, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and cranberries, these cookies won’t have you feeling guilty reaching for more.

Dark Chocolate Trail Mix

energy boosting recipe_choc-trail-mix

Dark chocolate is a natural and delectable energy booster! Pair it with nuts, and you have a simple snack to munch on when you need that extra boost. These Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Energy Bites made by Taralynn of Simply Taralynn are perfect before or after workouts.

Other Ideas

Still looking for a quick pick-me-up? Try grabbing a Greek yogurt, hard-boiled egg or some edamame.