Gym Etiquette Rules To Follow at Youfit

Youfit is real hot right now … and it’s not just because we’re headquartered in sunny Florida. It’s all the bodies working out!

We are always thrilled at the influx of new members in the beginning of the year and can’t wait to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. With so many more people in our clubs, we want to maintain the best possible experience for both our new and returning members. That’s why we’re breaking down our top guidelines to having good gym manners. Follow these rules when at Youfit, and you’re on your way to becoming a gym etiquette king or queen.

  1. Bring a towel: We love it that you sweat when you’re at the gym! After all, we’re here to get you fit. With that being said, bring a towel with you to work out. We encourage you to place your towel on the seat of your machine or directly under your head to prevent excess sweat from making its way onto the equipment.
  2. Wipe down equipment after use: Although our facilities are constantly being cleaned by staff members, it’s always a good idea to clean the machine after you use it to prevent germs from spreading. Take advantage of our antibacterial spray and paper towels conveniently located throughout the gym. It’s good gym etiquette, and the person who comes after you will definitely appreciate your cleanliness.
  3. Let others use the machine during rest: We’ve all been there — you really want to use the assisted pull-up machine, but every time you check to see if it’s open, the same person is still there. Ask others if they want to work in with you during your rest periods. This eliminates the wait time for equipment and reduces the pressure to rush through your set.
  4. Don’t slam weights: Slow and steady wins the race. Not only is slamming weights distracting to other members, but it can be dangerous. We ask that you lower weights with control.  
  5. Keep personal items in a locker: Put your purse, gym bag and other personal items in a locker and secure them with a lock. This helps keep our gym floors open and hazard-free … so you have more room to move all around and burn those calories.
  6. Rerack weights: It’s not nice to send your fellow Youfit member on a wild goose chase for a weight. Make a habit of reracking weights after each use. Reracking prevents anyone from having to hunt down a weight that has not been put back.
  7. Go with the Express Circuit Flow: Try your best to go in the intended order of the Express Circuit. Using the machines at random could interrupt those participating. Plus, when you go in order, you’ll get the full workout!

In general, we ask that you keep Youfit policies in mind. This includes limiting talking on your cellphone to outside and not bringing food on the gym floor. By following these gym etiquette rules and mixing in a lot of kindness, we can get through the busiest gym season of the year, all while making new friends!