The Secret to Superheroes: Costume Confidence

Everyone knows that Halloween is the best holiday. I mean, you don’t have to buy presents for anyone other than candy, and you can eat what’s left over anyway. Plus, there aren’t any forced family gatherings or small talk about what you’re doing in school, or what happened to that ex-boyfriend. Nope, this is about looking good and feeling good—and having fun! And yes, that means even at Youfit. I mean, where else can you go through a YouGX class and put in 20 minutes on the treadmill while dressed as Hello Kitty? (That’s a rhetorical question).

It turns out, there’s some psychology behind our love for Halloween, and it goes beyond sugar highs and creepy carving contests. In fact, the world of science, including psychology, have often pondered how our duds affect our emotional and mental states. Seems they’re onto something interesting! One of those interesting studies showed that people’s behavior, attitudes, and even their test results were altered based on whether he told them the white coat they were wearing was a doctor’s coat or painter’s smock.

The “doctors-coat” wearing crew made way fewer errors on the studies’ detail-oriented test! Color us fascinated as it just goes to show how your outlook and projection on the “costume” you’re rocking can really change things for the positive, and we’re all about that here at Youfit.

Which got us to thinking—how could the empowerment that comes from wearing a costume, or channeling the inner-empowerment that comes from role play, help us all as we work toward our health and fitness goals? Well, we’re here to help test out the theories mentioned above. So on Halloween, come dressed as Wonder Woman, or as the Incredible Hulk, and see if channeling that character helps you push the extra inch to make your workout even better.

But long after Halloween is in the rearview, consider the power of ‘look good, feel good.’ It’s not to say that you need to buy the latest, high-priced workout gear to perform at your best. (A lot of it is a big waste of money, frankly). But there is something to be said about feeling good about what you have on when you get ready to sweat. Look the part, play the part. If your workouts are lagging in an old, ratty t-shirt with a pair of stained shorts, maybe the jump start you need is with a new outfit that you chose just for the gym, instead of picking from what was left over.

Americans in particular seem to put our own health and happiness on the backburner in exchange for things that don’t often make us healthy or happy. Maybe a new outfit is the first step toward getting that equation back in your favor. See if something strikes your fancy at – our gear is great for the gym or a walk around the neighborhood, and won’t break the bank!

P.S. Don’t forget to wear your favorite Halloween costume to a specialty Halloween group fitness class at the YouGX Monster Mash Event on Oct. 29th!