Healthy Hearts Day

The heart is truly a magic muscle. It’s basically mission control for all of the cells and organs in our body, and lest you say ‘well the brain is super important too!’ just consider that the brain couldn’t function without oxygenated blood being pumped by the heart. Oh yeah, the heart is magic.

So much so that we’re hosting a Healthy Hearts Day at our locations with YouGX group classes on Monday, February 4 to kick off Heart Month, which is dedicated to awareness and care of our precious pumps. And it’s a great time to remind us of some sobering facts too – high rates of obesity and high blood pressure among younger people, ages 35 – 64, means heart health issues could show sooner than later if we’re not careful.

The good news? Healthy Hearts Day is the day you can get yourself back on track. We’re offering an open house at all clubs with YouGX group exercise classes, including free workouts and classes for all members and their guests. We’ll also have helpful information for understanding your own heart health, based on your current level of fitness and heredity – and more importantly, what you can do about it to right the ship.

In the meantime, as you get prepared for Healthy Hearts Day at your local Youfit, keep in mind these four ways you can take control of your heart health:

1. Manage conditions

High blood pressure and high cholesterol might seem like ‘no big deal’ in the short term, but managing them over time is critical to managing heart health.

2. Make heart-healthy eating changes

Sure, we all love our comfort foods. But want to know a secret? As you start to phase some of them out of your diet, or reduce portion sizes of them, you’ll quickly realize how much better you actually feel without them too. And your heart will thank you.

3. Stay active!

That’s where we come in. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend 150 minutes per week of movement for your body to keep your heart humming happily. Break it into five 30 minute blocks, or micro-blocks of 10 – it’s up to you.

4. Don’t smoke!

It’s true. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., and it’s directly tied to your heart health too. Steer clear.

And if you’re wondering about our YouGX classes before or after Healthy Hearts Day, click here to learn more: